IT for Veterinary Clinics

Is Your Network Housebroken?

When you work with the cuddliest patients in the world, you get used to messes on the floor — but that doesn’t mean you need to put up with unruly IT. The team of IT Caregivers at HTS is uniquely experienced with the needs of veterinary clinics and animal care organizations, making us the ideal choice for your use case. We’ll take care of the software, hardware, and data security (but we haven’t figured out how to prevent those pesky puddles.)

Your patients can be rambunctious — but your IT shouldn’t be. HTS will help you get your technology squared away.


Avoid the ever-growing risk of cyberattack while keeping your organization compliant — and your patients’ private data safe.


We keep your network up and your costs down. HTS offers a variety of pricing structures to suit your specific needs.


HTS can repair, update, and monitor your hardware, help you transition to the cloud, and manage your software licenses and patches.