IT for Elder Care Facilities

Elder Care Facilities, Rehabilitation, and Nursing Homes.

When you’re caring for the elderly and the infirm, you’re taking on one of the most important roles in modern society. The HTS team is honored to support healthcare professionals in their critical tasks by ensuring their technology is always on, always efficient, and always ready to work. Our IT Caregivers are savvy in the unique software and workflows present in the elder care sector, so you can count on us for fast, reliable support any time.

Your patients count on you. You can count on us

Avoid the ever-growing risk of cyberattack while keeping your organization compliant — and your patients’ private data safe.


We keep your network up and your costs down. HTS offers a variety of pricing structures to suit your specific needs.


HTS can repair, update, and monitor your hardware, help you transition to the cloud, and manage your software licenses and patches.